Frameline Encore: Alaska Is A Drag - Free Screening, Q&A

*All Frameline Encore Screenings Are FREE & Open to the Public*

Expected Guests:
Director Shaz Bennett

Co-Presented by:
Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD)
Oakland LGBTQ Community Center
SPECTRUM Queer Media

2017 | USA | 83m

Writer-director Shaz Bennett has expanded her memorable short film of the same name (Frameline37) into a rousing and crowd-pleasing debut feature that is the queer lovechild of Rocky and Hedwig. Ready to emerge from his drag chrysalis, daydreamer Leo (Martin L. Washington, Jr.) lives in small-town Alaska, working long days in the local cannery - slicing fish while fantasizing about international superstardom.

When he's not throwing shade and dodging the homophobic town bully, he cares for his tough yet adoring twin sister, Tristen (Maya Washington). The twins' mother (Nia Peeples), a boozy former beauty queen, skipped town for Los Angeles a decade earlier, and their conflicted father spends most of his time gambling or preaching about Jesus. When the cannery boss (Jason Scott Lee), who moonlights as the local boxing coach, sees Leo's natural talent for throwing punches, he asks Leo to train for an upcoming bout. The feisty young queen accepts and finds a mysterious training partner in a handsome new townie named Declan (Matt Dallas).

Cinematic Alaskan scenery provides the perfect setting as the sparring partners conjure up romantic sparks, both tense and tender, together. Featuring a culturally diverse cast full of talented newcomers, fabulously entertaining musical interludes, and a supporting turn from previous Frameline Award recipient Margaret Cho as the sardonic owner of the local gay bar, Alaska Is a Drag is a joyous and affirming knockout.

Sponsored By: Gilead
  • Landmark's Piedmont Theatre
    4186 Piedmont Ave, Oakland
  • Thursday Dec 7, 2017
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