M0XY's Krampus Art Bazaar


Krampus Holiday Art Bazaar

Krampus (krǎmpus) n. 1. the yin to St. Nick’s yang 2. he who punishes bad boys and girls

Bazaar (bə-ˈzär) n. an enclosed market featuring original and exotic wares, performances, sights, smells, tastes and sounds

We cordially invite you to Classic Cars West for M0xy's Krampus Holiday Art Bazaar, a unique blend of sensory delights for one day only, Saturday Dec. 17 from 11am-6pm

No candy canes or reindeer. No cheesy holiday music.

All wares made by real artists.

With over 25 artists represented plus DJ’s, delicious beer, tasty brunch, and featuring Krampus himself!!

Come as Krampus or come as your own bad self. We'll take you as you come. . .

Paintings by Lee Harvey Roswell
Ornaments & Dreamcatchers by Denise Doyle Fine Arts
Jewelry & Soaps by Sacred Profanities
Ceramics by AgentFin Ceramics
Mixed-media by Roman Padilla Art
Tinctures & Bathbombs by Lion's Heart
Mixed-media by 3pxh
Fashion by Zipporah Ross Designs
Paintings by The Art of Doug Rhodes
Mandalas by Victoria Aivazachvili
Textiles by Alee Labbit
Assemblages by Anastasia Schipani
Skin Care & Remedies by The Seasonal Apothecary
Glassware by Rocket Glass Works
Fashion by Charra Steele
Gem, Bone & Metal Jewelry by Lilla Cory Warren
Metalwork by Sunya Whitelight
Paintings by Oak Landis
Soaps by Lyndsey Jade
Ceramics by Brynda Glazier
Festival Wear by Faymus Clothing
Skin Care & Aromas by Sensory Revolution
Paintings by Freddie Sizemore
Digital Art by Jamiam
Paintings by Tiff Pollard
Woodwork by Recharmed

* * * * *

This is a "No Fee" show, and all proceeds from the event will be retained by the artists selling their work.

There will be a suggested donation at the door with proceeds going to the Ghostship Fund - managed by Gray Area Art + Technology.



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